Robson Street

Robson Street is the shopper’s dream, with its many shops and latest fashions the visitor will find. The street is located in Downtown Vancouver and is known for being one of the most famous shopping districts. The shopping stretches three blocks that are filled with the latest fashions, and other unique items. There are shops with the latest shoes, hats and other accessories, fine jewelry stores and shops with hand crafted jewelry.

This is where the fashions on the runways can be found in specialty boutiques each season and where fashions that have not been seen can be found for a special look that no one else is wearing yet.

One of the other things that shoppers will find is the fine dining with meals prepared by world class chefs or the outdoor patio for coffee, with all the shops to visit a relaxing meal or a superbly brewed cup of coffee will be just what is needed to rejuvenate the shopper.

There are also galleries that will be found filled with works of art by local Vancouver artists that are both new and well-known in the art world. There are shops filled with items that have been hand crafted and make a unique gift for the shopper or someone else.