Shopping in Vancouver is one of the most exciting things for the person that enjoys shopping, with all of the different shops, boutiques and galleries. One of the most convenient ways to reach the most popular shopping centers and districts is by skytrain and sea bus, which inter-connect all of the major shopping centers.

There are shopping centers in Vancouver such as Pacific Center and Robson Street, that can take hours going through the shops, and then there is Grandville Island with all of the unique shops. There is Metro-town, Oakridge, Richmond Center and Lonsdale Key North Vancouver that can all be reached by skytrain and sea bus. That means there is no shopping area out of reach, no parking to be concerned with and getting lost is not an issue.

There are so many items that can be found when shopping in Vancouver, from the latest fashion to hand crafted items by local artists. There are also the galleries where local artists sell their paintings and shops with handmade jewelry and other items that the visitor in the city will enjoy, including local produce, jellies and other edibles. This is the perfect place to shop with all of the different choices and with the skytrain and sea bus.