Night Life

When visiting Vancouver there are many choices of what to do in the evenings, there are movie theaters, jazz clubs, dance clubs and more. It is possible to dine at Grouse Mountain with a panoramic view of the city and a horse and carriage ride, for a romantic evening out.

There are jazz clubs with live entertainment and dance clubs that have every genre of music for a fun night out, while visiting the city of Vancouver. Then there are theaters that have both the latest films that every member of the family can enjoy. There are also theaters with live entertainment such as world class ballet and opera, which cannot be found in every city. There are also some evening walking tours that show a special side of Vancouver that will not be seen during the day. This can make the night out an education in the arts for the family or a romantic night for the couple.

This can make a night in the city fun and exciting for everyone that visits our hotel, because of the many choices they will have after dark. Vancouver is a city that is perfect for the family, the couple or the business person with all of the nightlife entertainment choices available to them.

Night Life Suggestions

  • Movie Theaters
  • Jazz Clubs
  • Dance Clubs
  • Pubs & Lounges