Lighthouse Park

The seaside Lighthouse Park should be one of the sights that is not missed while in Vancouver, for outdoor relaxing and the scenic views. The lighthouse was constructed in 1912 and before this lighthouse there was one in the same area built in 1874 to protect and guide the sailors in the waters.

The area where the lighthouse stands is a seaside park that is 185 acres, which include scenic walking trails that are perfect for an afternoon walk or a morning jog. These trails that are six miles long take the visitor to the park through the rainforest that is filled with the dense vegetation, giant Douglas Fir trees and wildlife, while at the same time being able to hear the crashing waves on the shore.

One of the trails at Lighthouse Park will take the walker to Jackpine Point, where they will find strawberry modroana and large smooth rocks, which they can either rest on their walk or spend time and relax.

The time of year a family or business person is a guest in a Vancouver hotel, this walking area always has something to offer along the trail for them, along with the crashing waves and boats out on the water.