Cruise Ship Terminal

Cruise Ship Terminal is where the cruise ships have left from Vancouver for more than 30 years, with about 330 cruises per year leaving from Canada Place and Ballantyne Pier. This is where visitors that are heading out on an Alaskan cruise will board and disembark their ships, and where other services will be found. There are restaurants with world class chefs and shops for items that might have been forgotten and there is the promenade in the Canada Place building. This is where visitors can see panoramic views of the city, the mountains and the ocean, while listening to music by Canadian artists.

The port has two cruise ship terminals that see as many as one million passengers each year that are traveling on cruise ships from Vancouver, with each being modern and secure for the visitors at the terminal.

The Canada Terminal is easily reached from the Downtown hotel, taking approximately a ten minute travel time, and while a busy place still gives visitors a view of the ocean, the boats, the mountains and the city while waiting to board their cruise ship, or after disembarking and taking time to dine or wait for a SkyTrain, Sky Bus or taxi-cab.