Cleveland Dam

Cleveland Dam is one of the sights where the visitor in Vancouver can spend an exciting day and see views unlike any other from the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This is where guests can picnic, walk trails, and learn about the dam that was opened in 1954.

One of the other things to do at Cleveland Dam is visit the Salmon Hatchery; this is learning experience about salmon, their life cycle and the harvesting of their eggs.

This is one of the unique places to visit, walking the Capilino Suspension Bridge that is 640 feet across the canyon below. There are panoramic views of the area for miles when up on the suspension bridge, far above the canyon.

There is also the Capilano Regional Park where there are guided tours of the forest; there are suspension bridges that are built among the Douglas Fir trees where visitors can walk from tree to tree. This was all strategically built from tree to tree without harming the actual bark of the trees, and the person walking the bridges can walk all around the park.

This is a fun and exciting day while visiting Vancouver for any age, seeing the panoramic views, the Salmon Hatchery and walking from one giant Douglas Fir to another.