Vancouver Landmarks

The landmarks that can be found in Vancouver range from the famous seawall that visitors can walk, ride bikes or skate on, to the architecture and the mountains that provide Vancouver scenic views.

There are many land marks in Vancouver for the visitor that wants to learn about the city and while taking in the picturesque views of the landscape, such as Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, the Train Station, and the Cruise Ship Terminal. Then there are places to visit like Lighthouse Park, Deep Cove, and Cleveland Dam that will thrill the guest in Vancouver.

This is a historic city and while on the first appearance the architecture may appear modern there are buildings that are old world craftsmanship that can be seen on walking tours of places like Gastown, or the Tudor houses that were built during the last century. These are mixed among the large buildings of new construction that are glass fronted. There are World War II buildings that can be seen and walking tours of some of the older neighborhoods, in which the guide will explain the importance of each building.

There are landmarks that will be found in a visit to Stanley Park, and other sites where items like hand carved totem poles can be found that are historically important to the city’s heritage.