Celebration of Light

The Celebration of Lights is one of the most exciting events and was originally known as the Symphony of Fire when it began in 1990. This event last four nights and each night is represented by a different country, and the best part of this event for guests is that it can be watched free from the public beaches, like at English Bay where the fireworks light the sky and the music can be heard filtering through the night air.

During the spectacular fireworks show there is music played that adds to the excitement of the show, which uses the latest techniques while they compete. The fireworks last approximately 45 minutes and with each one that lights up the sky the next is even more magnificent.

This is an event that the entire family will enjoy all four nights, because each of the shows are different and the sky lit up with the amazing colors never gets boring for kids of any age. That is because this event being a competition brings the best fireworks pyrotechnitions and designers to the city of Vancouver for the annual Celebration of Lights to show the spectators their most brilliant fireworks designs they have worked on all year.